Skills Training and Development

All Across Africa is committed to creating jobs, employment and income for thousands of people throughout Africa. Jobs alone are not the answer. Skills necessary to sustain income and jobs must also be developed. Many handmade African products are beautiful and fun but lack the quality and/or practical usefulness that create a steady international demand. 

All Across Africa has put together a topnotch team of industry designers, field designers, production managers, trainers and support staff to identify new potential products, create samples, test markets and train producers to meet market demands. Our ability to train large- and small-scale producers for the international market has proved effective and enables people who are not artisans to gain employment by learning a trade or craft. 

Every group we train is matched with a current or relevant prospective market. Our goal is to prepare men and women to create a product with a ready market. Too often we’ve seen money and time spent on training without similar effort to develop and source an end market. Training without a market damages the hopes and spirit of everyone involved. 

Using curriculum from partners such as Opportunity Bank, we also teach methods of accounting, finance and savings to our participants. Many of the leaders and producers we work with don’t know the basic accounting that would help them keep track of what they sell and what they are paid for. Many don’t have savings accounts or understand the need to save. By pairing these lessons with income-generating activities we make what we teach real and tangible.

We have also developed our own curriculum of cooperative management, production and operations management, good business practices and tips on how to care for your family, as we’ve learned these are additional topics that need to be addressed. With years of experience in the field and our capable national and leadership team, we can create culturally sensitive and relevant teachings for each country where we serve.

Through our many partnerships, we also pair trained producers with organizations committed to employing people. These trained producers generally become self-sufficient income earners in their communities within three months to a year after beginning their program.