All Across Africa is a partner with many different jewelry cooperatives across Africa. These include paper bead, clay bead, woven, and brass and aluminum jewelry cooperatives in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. The astonishingly wide variety of materials available across the African landscape helps create vast employment opportunities for many people.

The art of woodcarving dates back 450 years, and is a perfected skill passed down from one generation to the next. A young apprentice works among seasoned master carvers to learn the techniques of the craft, from splitting timber to carving and hand-polishing the finished forms. Many artisans specialize in sculpting a series of African forms, including the range of exotic and wild animals found in East Africa. No two pieces are ever exactly the same. Craftsmen model each form using simple tools made from animal hide, local wood and spring steel fashioned into adzes and knives. Amazingly, no machinery is used to transform a tree into hundreds of items both decorative and functional.

Artisans use rustic and natural, free-range, Kenyan beef and goat leather to make beautiful handbags, sandals and wallets. These products are also embellished with East African beadwork in traditional and contemporary patterns and colors. Every piece is hand-stitched, and handbags are lined with traditional cotton fabric. All of the raw materials originate in Kenya. Great attention is paid to the finishing so that these traditional hand-made African products meet the standard demanded by international markets.

Horn and bone have long been used by cultures worldwide to create objects of utility (tools) and decorative art objects. In Uganda horn and bone are regarded as waste, and the art of recycling them into marketable objects is a master stroke of ingenuity. By collecting the raw material from local butcheries, artisans create beauty from garbage, powering a thriving industry that supports orphan heads of households and young men otherwise unable to find work.