Design in a major part of what we do. We believe that Artisans are the Answer, we see business is a solution for people to pull themselves out of poverty – we rely on product design, product development and creative communication to connect artisans in Africa with markets.

Design needs include fashion, textile, industrial and jewelry design. Photography, social media, marketing and copywriting are also formal creative internship options.

Led by a strong creative team comprised of experts from New York, and around the world, design interns have the opportunity to leap into a full fast paced operation creating tangible change in men and women’s lives. Creative & Design internships in East Africa work directly with the women putting their and others designs in to production to create tangible income for rural and marginalized men and women.


Creating thousands of jobs and product requires a lot of fast-paced logistics, efficient and well-planned operations and tenacious skill. Our operation requires daily interaction with our producers and a lot of direction and encouragement along the way.

Production & operations needs include program management, program coordination, production management, system building and monitoring and evaluation.

Led by an operationally efficient team, operations and production interns have an opportunity to learn from industry leaders on exactly what it takes to serve thousands of people and their families daily. Operations and production interns in East Africa work directly with the men and women supporting all efforts of getting their product to market.

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