Basket Weaver
1 child

My name is Jeannette and I am 28 years old. I grew up in poor family in Ruhango district in Southern Rwanda. I am married and have one son; our daughter passed away three years ago. I learned to weave baskets from my mother Daria who is still weaving today. I decided to get married at a young age in order to escape the poverty that my family was facing at that time. Marriage has been wonderful and my husband and I have achieved great things together. I have been able to purchase land and build a house with the money I got from selling my baskets to All Across Africa. In the past, my husband would help do the house work and I would weave baskets to earn money. However, later on I developed a mental illness that stopped me from weaving baskets for a while. This was a hindrance for the whole family because we failed to earn a lot of money. Now, I am recovering, though I am not able to produce as many baskets per week as I was able to before. I hope to have a better life and continue to gain money in order to keep contributing to the development of my family. My dream is to one day see my grand children. I will be very happy.