Basket Weaver
3 children

My name is Faridah and I am 37 years old. I am married and have 3 children. Two of my children are in primary school, and one just turned a year old. I first started weaving during and Arts and Crafts class when I was in primary school. I loved this class very much, especially learning to make tablecloths and mats. I have been weaving since then, but recently joined the basket weaving group in my village. Before joining this group, I was only able to weave mats. I was very excited to join the group because it meant I would have the opportunity to learn how to weave baskets and learn new weaving techniques, such as weaving with palm leaves. With the money I will get from basket weaving, I hope to afford to build my own house. I would like those who buy our products to know that when they buy our bags and baskets, they are helping us to live our dreams.