Basket Weaver
4 children

Felecite My name is Felecite and I am 49 years old. My husband died 15 years ago, leaving me alone with our 4 children: 2 girls and 2 boys. My mother taught me to weave baskets when I was 13 years old. I was never able to attend school, so my mother helped me to build skills so that I can survive and earn an income. Weaving baskets is helping me to feed my children, buy clothes, buy health insurance, and pay the school fees for my children. I was also able to help pay for the wedding of my first-born child. After my husband died, we lost our house and had nowhere to live. But because All Across Africa provides a stable market to sell my baskets, I was able to build a house and buy a cow. Now my children and I feel safe in a good house and have hope for the future. Shortly after my husband died, my parents died too. This caused a big wound in my life. But now, I am happy that I get to work in a team of weavers and we can all share stories of life and experience and heal the wounds of our pasts together.