Basket Weaver
2 children

My name is Veneranda and I am a 42 years, married, and have two children. I am from Kigali and that is where I currently live with my husband and our two sons. I tried to learn to weave at home independently, but it wasn’t until I joined a weaving cooperative that I gained the experience I needed to weave beautiful, quality baskets. Now, through weaving, I am able to earn at least 40,000 Rwf ($60 USD) per month, while before that I was not able to make any money. The money I receive from my baskets has helped me to purchase furniture, enlarge my house and provide food my family. I like weaving because, it has helped me to make friends and achieve a lot of things I never thought possible. My dream is to see my children finish their studies, marry, and have children of their own.