Basket Weaver

My name is Foronie. I am 32 years old .I am married and I have 6 children. Before weaving I did agriculture, but I gained little income. Life was miserable because it was hard to find food for 2 times per day. I started weaving 7 years ago after being trained. I started producing baskets and the income generated from those baskets helps me to meet my family needs. I opened an account at the bank so that I might save some money.
My life has now improved because I am able to pay the school fees of my children and life insurance. I also have some livestock, like chickens. I help my husband pay the labors of our farm. My life and nutrition have also improved because I get good income. I buy fruit for my children, pay their tuition, and get their clothes. I also receive a loan from our cooperative to purchase land and some livestock.
My dream is to build a modern house and save money for my children’s education up to university. I also dream of having a big farm of chickens and supplying eggs on different markets. I want to continue weaving more baskets in order to gain more money so that I may save for my children’s education up to university. I thank our customers because