Basket Weaver

Frotonatha My name is Frotonatha and I was born in Muhanga District. I consider myself a master weaver. I am able to weave every style of basket and was elected as the president of my weaving cooperative. As the leader of my cooperative, I dedicate my time to the wellbeing of all the women in the group. I make sure that we invite as many women in the community as we can to join us. Our lives have improved and we want everyone to benefit. When we opened a savings account for the cooperative, All Across Africa trained us to start Savings Circles. These circles have allowed us to start building houses for our families. Today, we have completed 25 iron sheet roofed houses and we are still going strong. Our goal is that every weaver in our group will live in a decent home that makes her proud and will have a place where her children can play and live a normal life, a life that we didn’t have growing up. I am so grateful that All Across Africa has helped to find a new market for our baskets!