Bead Maker
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My name is Rose and I was born in the Muhanga District. I am 25 years old and am married to my husband with whom I have one child. In primary and secondary school, I studied Human Sciences. After I finished my studies, I had a hard time finding a job and was struggling. With few options, I found a temporary job selling goods in the streets of my village. The work was miserable and I didn’t have much. Six months ago, things changed when my friend asked me to join the Patmos weaving group to learn how to weave beads for All Across Africa. I found it very interesting because I could meet and speak with other women while learning a new skill. Now, I feel secure because the money I receive from weaving beads allows me to provide food for my family. I hope that the money from making beads will give me the opportunity to continue my education in the university here as well as pay for school fees for my child.