Basket Weaver

My name is Donatha. I am 51 years old. I am a single mother with five children. I weave baskets in my cooperative. I stopped my studies when I was in primary school because my parents were not able to pay my school fees so I stayed at home. I learned how to weave in 1993 through the training in the Ruhango district before starting to weave. My life was so difficult because I was a farmer and my income was very little. I was not able to afford clothes or support my family.
Now I love working in a weaving cooperative because it helps me smile and work in a team with other weavers. We help each other, and this helps me reduce the burden I have in my heart from the effects of the genocide. Also, my income was increased from selling my baskets to All Across Africa. I am able to provide my child with health insurance, school fees, food and clothing, and also transform our community. I have an account at the bank where I save some amount each month through the money I get from selling my baskets to All Across Africa. I plan to buy a cow because I now have only three goats.
My dream is to one day build a big house for my family and see my children finish their studies in university. I am thankful to everyone who buys our baskets because he or she is helping us to solve our big problems and improve our lives.