Basket Weaver

I’m Claudette. I’m 40 years old. I am a mother of five children. The eldest is 20 years old and the youngest is 6 years old. I started weaving 5 years ago. After the death of my husband, life was really tough. Keeping 5 children was really hard to me. I did not have a good job. I was jobless, but I got a temporary job where I gained a low income. I had a banana farm but in the harvesting period I gained low yield because of the lacking composts needed to increase production.
After, I learned weaving from my neighbor. She helped me learn how to weave baskets because she used to weave a longtime ago. After learning how to weave I joined the cooperative to work with other women. It encouraged me to be strong because I had to start making a difference. The income from the baskets helps me pay the insurance of my children, their school fees, the food, and the rent of the house. Now my life is improving from the income gained in weaving. I bought 2 goats and 6 chickens, and in the future I hope that my livestock will increase. It will help me gain more money and my livelihood will change.
I have a dream of building my own house and saving the money for the future of my children. I really appreciate the way our customers help us by buying our products. It helps us improve our lives and fight against poverty.