Basket Weaver

My name is Athanasie. I was born in 1965 and I am married with three children. I am from the Byimana district in Rwanda. I am weaving baskets in the Kopaba cooperative. I never had the chance to continue my studies in secondary school because my parents were not able to pay my school fees. I was starting to learn how to weave from my neighbors in 2001 before joining the co-op. My family suffered and we were unable to satisfy our basic needs, but after joining the co-op my family’s lives have improved and I am proud to say that I am good at what I do.
For now I am happy because from selling my baskets to All Across Africa I am able to buy good clothes and food for my family. Being in the co-op has helped me to smile and work in a team with other weavers and develop friendships. Every year I am able to pay health insurance for my family and the school fees for my children. I have my own account at the bank where I saved some amount each month. I also I was buying livestock, like a pig, with the money I get from selling my baskets to All Across Africa.
My dream is to see all my children finish their studies in university and be able to prepare their own future. I am thankful for the clients in America who buy our baskets because when they buy our baskets they are supporting our families. With that we can achieve our goals.