My name is Donatha and I live in the Rilima Sector of Rwanda. I was the second born to a family of three girls and two boys. I was never able to finish my studies because of a lack of money for school fees. After the death of my father, life became hard for my family because my mother could not assume all of the family responsibilities alone. That led me to quit school and start to farm to earn an income. However, this life was hard and I only earned 200 Rwandan francs ($0.30 USD) per day. After I got the opportunity to learn how to sew bags, my life is improving. With the money I earn from the bags, I am able to help my family and pay the school fees for my brothers and sisters. I am also able to pay for life insurance for my family and save money for our future. My hope for the future is to be a businesswoman and help other children who weren’t able to finish their studies because of poverty. My dream is to create a class that teaches children how to sew and provides them with hope for the future.