My name is Yvonne. I am a single mother of 4 children. I am a basket weaver and earn income through selling baskets each week to All Across Africa. This income has changed my life. Not only has this program helped me physically, but they have helped me in my heart. Several years ago my husband was killed in a terrible bicycle accident. I am haunted every day by his death and struggle to survive without him. I miss him terribly. Before becoming a weaver and attending a Reconciliation Workshop, I spent many sleepless nights traumatized by nightmares of his accident. I constantly worried about my children’s safety and feared that they might one day suffer a similar fate as my husband. It got to where I didn’t want them to leave the house because I was afraid they might never return. Once I attended the Reconciliation Workshop, I began to heal. I admitted and recognized what happened to me and was no longer in denial. Sharing my testimony with the other weavers in my cooperative comforted me as they assured me that I was not alone in my suffering. I felt my burden begin to lessen as I nailed a small sheet of paper full of my worries onto the cross. Finally I was able to keep the nightmares at bay and get some sleep, comforted by my newfound support group.