My name is Viviane and I am the sole provider for my family. When I was in the 4th grade both of my parents died leaving my siblings and me to be orphans. Being that I am the oldest, I had to drop out of school to provide for my siblings even though I was given a sponsorship scholarship by an organization helping orphans in Rwanda. I worked on my neighbor’s farm as well as in the market, carrying things for people. These jobs were physically demanding for a young girl and I was constantly in pain. My wages were quite low and many days we went without food. My body was beginning to give out; I knew I couldn’t do this much longer. When I was offered an opportunity to go to the All Across Africa’ Sewing School I knew I would be able to make a better life for my family. With my sewing skills I am able to provide food for my siblings as well as send them to school. I, for the first time, have a savings account and am planning for my future. I have found a community of others who have suffered like me and with our teacher Clementine, we have become a family. I finally have hope for our future.