Basket Weaver
3 children

My present and future are nothing like my past, and I am so glad it is this way. My name is Epiphania Mukanyabyenda, and I live with my husband and three children. I used to farm to provide food for my family. I was dependent on my husband for everything. However, weaving for All Across Africa has helped me change all that. Through basket weaving I am now able to send my children to school and support my husband. I can afford health insurance for my family. My children will now be able to get all the education and training they need to be self-sufficient so that they can support their own families in the future. Basket weaving has also brought a lot of dignity to the women in our society. We used to beg our husbands to give us money; that was always humiliating for us. But making money for our families now makes us feel we are being responsible. When you help women like me you are not only helping me, but you are also helping my family as well. In addition, I am setting a good example for the other women in my village. Basket weaving is not just a job that provides me with an income. It also gives me a connection to women in America who buy my baskets and appreciate my skills. On behalf of all my friends here in Rwanda, I invite the American women to come and visit us and spend time understanding our lives.