Basket Weaver
5 children

I am Esperance. I am married and have six children. My oldest child is 20 and my youngest is 5. Four years ago when my youngest was still an infant, I would wake up every morning, go to the farm, and then take my vegetables to sell in the market. The money I made was barely enough to meet the basic needs of my family. I felt sad that I could not give my children their favorite food or new clothes. Today I can proudly say that weaving baskets for All Across Africa has empowered me to fulfill my children’s needs and wants. I am no longer dependent on others for money, but I can now provide for myself and for my family. I can pay for our electricity bills, and send my children to school. The change brought by All Across Africa is not only welcomed by family but also my community where people are delighted for this extra source of income. Not all of our problems are solved, but the community is now coming together and people feel much happier. I am grateful for all those people who use and buy my baskets. I feel like I connect with them through my work. Sometimes while I am weaving I think about my buyers. I wonder who these people are, where do they live? Where are my baskets going? What do they do with the baskets? What are their markets like? Is it like going to a market in Rwanda? I am hoping that someday they will come and witness the hard work and care that goes into creating the baskets I make.