Basket Weaver

I was only a young girl when my parents died. I couldn’t understand why they were taken from me; why I had to live with so much pain at such a young age. My launt took me in and raised me as her own, but after a short while she passed away, too. I was once again alone in the world. After the death of my aunt, I went to live with a cousin of mine. Unlike my aunt, my cousin abused me terribly. I felt so alone and afraid in my new home. Everyone who had ever loved me had been taken away from me. I harbored this loneliness and pain throughout my life; I had no one to share it with. I kept to myself and let my suffering bring me down. I am a weaver and sell baskets to All Across Africa through my cooperative each Thursday. Because of this market, I was invited to a All Across Africa’ Reconciliation Workshop. This class was the first time I was able to open up and share my testimony with others. I finally realized I was not alone in the world. I have a group of women in my weaving cooperative now who love me. My worries are finally starting to subside as I have confessed my pain to these women and have allowed God to heal my wounded heart.