Basket Weaver
7 children

My name is Consoleé and I am 50 years old. I have been working with All Across Africa for 5 years, and I live with my husband and our 7 children. Although most of my children are married or working, I have two children still attending school. My children mean everything to me, and are the reason that I work so hard each day to support my family. As a child, I grew up near Gitarama with my 10 siblings and parents. Unfortunately, I was only able to complete primary school because my parents could not afford to pay all of our school fees. At home, I farmed, cooked and cleaned to help my family, but lacking the opportunity for a professional career, I got married very young at the age of 17. As my family grew, I learned to weave in order to supplement my husband’s income, which was spent mostly on beer at the local bars. Once I began to weave for All Across Africa, it was much easier for me to care for my family. Blessed with many daughters, my work allowed me to pay for their weddings, as well as purchase food, clothing, and school requirements for my younger children. Because my husband is careless with his money, I feel it is my responsibility to cover all of my family’s expenses and needs. It gives me great pride that weaving allows me to do this. Although family expenses consume most of my income, weaving for All Across Africa has given me the opportunity to utilize a savings account. I hope to one day save enough money to complete my house with cement and proper roofing. My dream is to live out my old age in a beautiful and comfortable home, with my children leading successful and happy lives. Weaving has given both my children and I the opportunity to pursue our dreams.