Basket Weaver
4 children

My name is Anonsiatta. I have four children: three boys and one girl. I raised my children on my own because my husband left us a long time ago. Now my husband has returned which makes my children and I so happy. I am also happy that I am able to weave and sell my baskets. Life was very difficult after the genocide when my husband left me. I lost 47 members of my family in the genocide and would have gone crazy if I hadn’t started weaving. Basket weaving has helped me move on with my life by working with others, and the members of my weaving group have become like my new family. I like to socialize with others; it helps me stop thinking about all of my family members that I lost in the genocide. I also love that we get payments through the sale of our baskets to All Across Africa. We meet and enjoy our successes together. We are also able to share our success with those who are not weavers. Members of our community can benefit from the money we get weaving by obtaining loans from us; we also pay them at times to help us farm. Sometimes we help the very poor and disabled in our community by sharing our food purchases from the money we earn from weaving baskets. Since All Across Africa started to work with us I am able to save a little bit of money, mostly for emergency cases. Now if the children are sick, I can pay for their medicine. I hope that in the future I can improve my living standards even more. If I have one cloth, I hope in the future to have two, and I want to improve my farming by purchasing cattle. Cattle will help me to provide fertilizer for my farm as well as provide milk and offspring to sell.