Basket Weaver

I wake up every morning at 6:00 A.M. and go out to the farm to work my land. But on All Across Africa’ market days my schedule is different. On these “buy” days, I hire someone else to work my farm so that I can go to the center and sell my baskets and raise money for my family. I am always happy to go to the market and see the women who are part of the weaving cooperative. With my husband in jail, they are like my family. We are always supporting and looking out for each other. We even have a system where when one of us sells a basket, we donate 1000 Rwandan francs to the cooperative’s bank account. That way if you have a personal problem, the cooperative can give you a loan so that you can solve it. The genocide was the hardest period in my life because I lost my son in the refugee camp. I also lost three other relatives after the genocide was over. But now there is not so much suffering in my life because even when my children are sick, I can get a loan from the cooperative and take them to the hospital. I like the time I spend weaving with the women very much. Sometimes, we have celebrations; we eat and drink. When I weave with these women, I no longer feel the stress I felt before I started weaving. Our weaving community also helps other people in the village. With the money we make from selling baskets to All Across Africa we are able to employ other people on our farm and this helps them to pay for their children to go to school. I keep All Across Africa in my prayers so that God will help them to keep finding more markets for us to sell our baskets.