Claude is twenty-five years old and lives with his two brothers. His parents were killed in the genocide. Claude has had a difficult life – working hard to care for his two younger brothers. He has struggled to come up with the income they so desperately need to survive. Before becoming a student at the vocational training program, Claude worked as a housekeeper and couldn't afford to pay rent or to send his brothers to school – something that he really longed to be able to do for them. Now thanks to what he is earning through the training program, Claude has been able to purchase his own sewing machine. He has opened a savings account and hopes to have enough money one day to be able to get married. His dream is “to become a good man and a helper of those who are not able to help themselves”. Claude’s dreams are already coming true – he has shown what a good man he is by providing for his brothers and working hard at his new vocation.