Basket Weaver

My name is Laurence. I was born in 1980 and now I am married and have one baby boy. I learned to weave in 2008 from a group of my neighbors, and in 2011 I joined the Twegukirumurino weaving cooperative. The income that we get from selling our baskets to All Across Africa is transforming our community. Even members of the community who are not weavers are able to share in our successes. For example, community members are able to obtain loans from us and we are able to pay them to help us farm. Sometimes we can help the very poor and disabled by sharing the food we have purchased from our earnings. With my job as weaver I am able to save money so that one day I can move out and have my own home. I love working with All Across Africa because of the comfort I get from working with other weavers and because I have been given a renewed feeling of hope that my future will be better.