Basket Weaver
7 children

My name is Vestine and I am 41 years old. I am married with seven children: two girls and five boys. I learned how to weave in 2007 through training from Kigali City Council. My husband also has a job where he makes a small income. Together with his income and the income I get from selling my baskets to All Across Africa, we are able to afford to buy clothes and support our whole family. I was deeply affected by the genocide, as both of my parents and my younger sister were killed in front of me. For a while I had no hope for the future, but God gave me a miracle in helping me become skilled in weaving baskets and providing a market to sell them. I love working in a weaving cooperative because it is helping me to smile and work in a team with other weavers. This helps reduce the burden I have in my heart from the effects of the genocide. My dream is to one day buy or build a house of my own and help my children attend good schools. I am thankful to everyone who buys my baskets because he or she is helping me indirectly to solve many of the problems I have in my life!