Basket Weaver
4 children

My name is Kandekwe Annonciata. I am 36 years old and am married with four children. The two are in primary school and the others are in secondary school. Before I learned to weave my life was so bad where at the end of month I can getting only 500 rwf, so to have something to eat or resolve the other family expenses was so difficult because my income was very little. But after I learned to weave, my life was changed because now from selling my baskets I am getting much money. For example at the end of month I received 35000 rwf. My income was increased and I am able to purchase the food, pay the health insurance for my family, pay the school fees for all my children. Through saving some money at the bank, I purchased some livestock like chicken. I plan to build a big house and support my children until they finish their studies at the university. For that I am thankful for our customers for buying our baskets because they help us to improve our life and see a brighter future.