Basket Weaver

My name is Drocella, and I am a weaver. Can you imagine that my job as a weaver makes me look and feel beautiful? Before I started weaving for All Across Africa, I used to pass my neighborhood store and look at my favorite lotion stocked there. I could only look at it, though, and wish that someday I would have enough money to afford to buy it. I was selling baskets in the local market but only earning around 250–500 Rwandan francs for every basket I sold (40 – 80 cents US). But once I started selling my baskets to All Across Africa, I made over 6000 francs per basket ($10 USD). With the money I earn, I can support my family, parents, brothers, and sisters. I can even afford to buy my favorite lotion. My friends ask me why my skin glows so much! I have fewer worries now, and I feel very happy. I don’t have to leave my home each day to farm since I make money by weaving baskets at home; and with the money I make weaving, I can now hire people to work for me on my farm which also helps them out. I am optimistic about the future now because of the money I have been able to earn and save since I started working with All Across Africa. I look at my friends and feel happy for them as well. They don’t have to go begging for money. I am very thankful to all the people who buy my baskets.