Basket Weaver
4 children

My name is Iluminatta, and I was born in Ruhango District where I still live today. I am married and have four children, two boys and two girls. I was introduced to weaving by watching women in the community sell their baskets at church and the Kigali handcraft market. Although I knew that selling baskets was difficult, I asked my neighbors in my village to teach me to weave. I have now been a weaver for over 19 years. I work hard on my weaving because I have plans to educate my children up to University level. Selling my baskets to All Across Africa has changed my life. It makes me happy to see my children go to school and have good health. I am also happy to have been able to hire someone to help my husband with his farming. I am experienced in weaving fruit bowls, trivets and cathedral baskets. I love weaving because it gives me the chance to sit down with other women and share stories of life, home and discuss how we can build a better future.