Basket Weaver
1 child

I am Christine. I am from Gisenyi and live with my husband, sister, and 8-year-old daughter, Belise. My heart aches as I constantly remember that only one of my five children is alive. My heart reaches out to my children and wishes them well in heaven. My husband is critically ill with HIV/AIDS. He's on the verge of dying and unable to work, so I am responsible for feeding my family. Four of my children were stillborn due to my being HIV-positive, which I did not discover until very late in life. My fifth child survived because the nurses and doctors helped her. I have lived through many hardships, but have found income and friendship through weaving baskets. I can buy nutritious food and medicine for my husband with the hope of keeping him alive longer. I cherish each day that my husband gets and every basket I weave helps me add an extra moment to my husband’s life. I have become the vice president of my weaving cooperative, Agaseke Vision. We meet with All Across Africa’s representatives every week. They come and talk to us about our orders, what the market needs, new products to make and how we can slowly and steadily achieve our goals. My life is very fulfilling for me since I am now able to help and provide leadership to the women in my community.