Basket Weaver
3 children

My name is Clementine. In my weaving cooperative, Agaseke Vision, there are many women who have HIV/AIDS. They work hard for a living and inspire me every day. Although there is much discrimination against this disease in Rwanda, my cooperative is proud to include women with AIDS among our members. Fortunately, I do not have AIDS. I am 32 years old and live with my husband and three children. For a long time, I had trouble finding employment and supporting my family. Then I befriended a woman who taught me how to weave and helped to join the Agaseke Vision weaving cooperative. I enjoy being part of a cooperative. When one of us is sick, we care for her and help get her to the hospital. Selling our baskets enables us to pay for good food and the weavers with AIDS can get their medicine. This strengthens us all as weavers, and gives us the motivation to educate others about HIV/AIDS; we tell others to stop prostitution, to stop spreading AIDS to others. I have taught myself and others to be careful of HIV. This is my contribution to the fight against HIV/AIDS. I also love to support the members of my cooperative and encourage them. When we weave raffia baskets together, it is as if our troubles are forgotten.