Bead Maker
8 children

I was born in 1959 in the northwestern part of Uganda, but moved to Jinja in 1980 after I lost three of my 11 children to a mysterious illness. I decided to move because I could not handle living in the same place where the memories were always fresh and painful for me. When I reached Jinja I started a small business selling charcoal until a friend introduced me to bead making. We were always able to sell our necklaces locally to the different craft shops around town and to tourists who liked our designs. I am hoping that our new relationship with All Across Africa will help sell my necklaces to a larger market. I am expecting this will open up bigger opportunities for development in the region and help us pay for our children to go to school, pay rent and buy other basic household needs. I also make other crafts, such as strap bags, which I sell locally. I have been able to open a small business and I have hope that it will grow as soon as I get more capital with the money from the beaded necklaces. I am very happy and full of hope for this new opportunity with All Across Africa!