Basket Weaver
4 children

My name is Alexia and I am 37 years old. I am married and have four children. I learned to weave twenty five years ago from my mother who has been weaving baskets since her childhood. My father passed away when I was a little baby and ever since, the family passed through hardship and misery for a long time. Neither I nor my relatives attended school due to poverty. I decided to get married when I was sixteen years old in order flee those problems, thinking that the fact of being married would enable to support my family. After marriage, my husband was the one to provide everything to me and his in-laws which was not easy to him. I had learned to weave but was not interested since the income from weaving baskets was very low due to the lack of market. In 2011, I was told that women who were selling baskets to All Across Africa have experienced a change in their lives. So, I decided to join the cooperative and started to earn money. From that time, I started supporting my husband to pay school fees to our three kids, helping my mother who is old now, and investing in farming. Baskets have remarkably changed my life in these past three years and I am looking forward to continuing to develop.