Basket Weaver
2 children

My name is Emertha. I am 42 years old and am a widow with two children. I learned to weave from All Across Africa five years ago. After my husband passed away seven years ago, life was very difficult that I was not able to feed the kids. He had left me with nothing because we had neither land nor livestock at that time. The only way I could make money was through cultivating for others though they were paying me little money. Fortunately, I was invited by a friend of mine who was a basket weaver to join All Across Africa. They taught me slowly how to weave baskets and it took me six months to get my first income from selling the product I had made. Later on, we got a regular market from All Across Africa and my income started to increase. Now that I started to weave for All Across Africa and earn money, I am able to buy food, clothes for our children, materials and fees for school and medical insurance for me and my two kids. The fact of being able to provide for my family brings happiness in me because I know how it hurts when poverty rules in one’s family. My dream is to see my kids grown up and to one day build a big house for my family.