Basket Weaver

My name is Sophia. I am 28 years old. I am married and I have 4 children. I started weaving 5 years ago. My children are in primary school. My first born is in p5, the second in p3, the third in 2p, and the last born is in 1p.
Before weaving I was a farmer with my husband but it was not running well because we were not able to find sufficient income for feeding our family.
After, I learned how to weave baskets for 4 months. I started producing baskets and getting money which can help to feed my children and fulfill other needs like paying life insurance, house rent, and buying clothes. My life improved because I gain money from selling baskets. From that money I am able to pay the school fees of my children, life insurance, and I have some pork and chickens. I help my husband to pay the labors which are cultivating our farm. We get some fertilizers from the baskets income and our production is increasing. My dream is to continue weaving more baskets in order to gain more money so that I may save for my children’s education up to university and build a big house for my family. We still have a small one and it is not our own house. I also dream of having a big farm of cows so that I may produce cheese. I thank our customers because with their support our lives are improving.