Basket Weaver

My name is INGABIRE Lenatha. I was born in 1988 and I am single. I leave with my parents in Ruhango district and I am the last born of my family. I learned to weave in 2008 from my mother and sisters. They used to teach me after school and could not wait until I take my needle and start weaving. I started to sell my first basket when I was in the fourth year of primary school. I kept on weaving after school but could weave a lot of baskets on holidays because I had enough time. The income I got from selling my baskets helped me to purchase my own school materials and clothes for years and this has been very helpful for my parents who were not able to provide for all kids. Although I have finished my primary school, I am planning to continue weaving baskets and make much money and be able to prepare my future. My dream is to one day invest in livestock and become a great farmer of the region. I also hope to marry and build my own home and I know that with hard work, I will achieve my dreams. I don’t know how to thank people who buy my baskets because they are more than a blessing to me. May God richly bless them endlessly.