Basket Weaver

I am Mukanyandwi Mediatrice. I am 22 years old. I live with my mother and my father. There are eight children in my family,and five are married. One younger sister is still at secondary school. I am the fifth child. I started weaving baskets two years ago, after stopping my studies because of lacking school fees. My parents are too old so they were not able to pay my school fees because they are not working. My elder brothers and sisters were married and they were also unble to help me because they had many responsibilities in their families. It was very hard to me to find my school fees. I started learning weaving because I saw our neighbours weaving and their lives were very improved. Then I made the decision of learning to weave baskets. I learned weaving in two months. After I started weaving in kopiaga cooperative. When I started weaving, my life changed day to day. I gain money from baskets and it helps me to feed my parents, to pay school fees of my younger sister, and to buy shoes and clothes. And I paid also the schoolfees of my sister who learned sewing for one year. Weaving is very important to me because it helps me to get out from poverty. I bought two porcs from the benefits of weaving. I have a vision of continuing improving my knowledge in different professions, like learning about cheaving hair, and having a supermarket in our village. I thank our customers who buy our products because it help us to improve our lives and getting out from poverty.