Basket Weaver
4 children

My name is Veneranda and I am 39 years old. I am married with four children and all my children attended school. I learned to weave when I was 19 years old. Before I started to weave my family was in a miserable life because every day we struggled to get something to eat. After joining the weavers cooperative my family’s lives have improved and everyone is happy because we are able to satisfy our basic need. Through selling my baskets I will continue to pay the school fees and health insurance for my children. And I plan to save enough money and be able to buy a cow to prevent malnutrition in my family. My dream is one day to buy or build a big house for my family through selling my baskets. I am thankful for everyone who buys my baskets. God bless him or her indeed because they help me to improve my life by solving many problems.