Basket Weaver
3 children

My name is Tasiyana. I am 38 years old. I have a husband and three children. The first born is 14, the second is 10 and the last born is 7. All of my children are in school. I learned how to weave in 2006 through my neighbor. My husband has a job where he makes a small income. Before I started to weave we suffered and we were unable to satisfy our basic needs, but after my family’s lives have improved and my neighbors see me as a rich woman. Together, with the income of my husband and the income I get from selling my baskets we are able to buy clothes, food, pay health insurance and help other people who do not have enough to eat. Before joining cooperative I was alone, with no friends but after joining cooperative I have many friends. I love working in my weaving cooperative because it is helping me to smile and work in a team with other weavers. I am thankful to everyone who buys my baskets because he or she is helping me to solve many of the problems I have in my life. My dream is to see all my children finish their studies until University.