I am 19 years. I am an orphan I live with my 4 younger sisters in RILIMA Sector, Nyabagendwa cellular. After the death of my parents when I was 16 years, I started searching for temporary jobs to help my young sisters. It was so bad sometimes we lack even something to eat. After I got a chance of learning how to sew bags, I learnt for 4 months. After graduation we started to produce bags. I gained money from those bags, and my life becomes improved. And now I am moving forward because I feed my family, pay life insurance, and pay the school fees of my young sisters. I dream to invest in land and cultivate maize, but I will achieve it because of working hard. I am dreaming to build my own house and found my own family. I thank our buyers because of them we improve our lives because they buy our products. We hope that we will continue to perform well in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.