Basket Weaver
2 children

My name is Mukarukundo Alphonsine. I am 31 years old, and I have a husband and two children. I stopped my studies when I was in primary school. My first born is 7 years old and he is in primary school. I learned to weave when I was 19 years old from my mother. My husband is a farmer. Before I started to weave my family was in bad situation. I was a poor woman and many times I asked my mother to help me because from selling her baskets she earns a lot of money. But now I also know how to weave. I am able to buy food, buy the clothes for my children, pay for school materials for my boy and his school fees, pay medical insurance for all my family and I have 1 goat from selling my baskets. I am happy because I helped my husband develop our family and he respects me. My dream is to see all my children finish the university studies, and build a big house for my family, and buy a bicycle.