Bead Maker
4 children

I am married with six children and I also have two orphans that I take care of. I love children so much and am very good at taking care of children that’s why I also have a day care at my home. I mainly take care of my neighbours children, mostly for those parents who have to go to the factories within town. I come from a village called Bukonte in Namutumba District. I came to Jinja in 1994 when I got married. My husband is from Jinja and he also works in a factory for Indians in town. He is a casual worker but earns very little pay, so I make these paper bead necklaces to help him with the bills like rent and food. I hope as AAA continues to buy our necklaces, our lives will improve for the better and I will be able to pay for my children’s school so they can finish their education, get a good job and possibly live better lives than the one I have been living